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How Can I Help?

Amid the pandemic, members of the Caltech community are looking for ways to help others. In an effort to share opportunities to do so, we've compiled a list of ways you can support the Caltech community and beyond. If you know of an opportunity for Techers to help that is not listed here, email rperkins@caltech.edu.

Note: The organizations referenced on this page may not be endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Caltech. Caltech makes no representations about the accuracy of the information provided.

Opportunities for Students


Techers Helping Techers is a mutual aid network with the goal of building Caltech's community by connecting the people with needs and those who can give. Techers can work together by pooling resources, sharing information, and giving support to one another. For more information, see the Techers Helping Techers guide.


Caltech Classroom Connection is running virtual workshops to help undergrads apply/decide/transition to grad school and is looking for graduate students to help. Email garinehk@caltech.edu or jberk@caltech.edu to participate.


The Caltech Y Rise Program is seeking volunteer student tutors for remote tutoring of local junior high and high school students in STEM subjects. For more information, see the Caltech Y's Rise Tutor information page. For more details, contact Liz Jackman and Marta Lopez via the Caltech Rise email, rise@caltech.edu.


In response to the wave of school closures accompanying the COVID-19 crisis, Caltech's Center for Teaching, Learning, and Outreach (CTLO) has created a Facebook group called "Ask A Caltech Student" where Caltech students can assist K-12 students with curriculum and homework questions.The group is open to Caltech undergrads, graduate students, and postdocs who serve as content experts and may submit answers, videos, or other useful materials. Eligibility is determined via a questionnaire, and moderators must approve membership. Further guidance and instructions can be found on the group page. Questions and suggestions should be directed to kcahalan@caltech.edu or rmkatti@caltech.edu.

Opportunities for Anyone


Our Pasadena neighbor Huntington Hospital is accepting donations of cloth masks to provide cloth masks to visitors, caregivers not involved in direct patient care, and COVID-19 patients, as an alternative to surgical masks. Patterns and instructions for the masks, which are intended for use only in non-clinical areas, can be found on the Huntington Hospital website.


Join a student-led initiative to build face shields for Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. More information about the project and how to participate can be found on the Shieldmakers website.


The L.A. County Department of Health Services is collecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be donated to local hospitals. The list of accepted items includes gloves (especially non-latex ones) and face masks. More information can be found on the county's equipment donations page.Individuals at Caltech are welcome and encouraged to donate. Lab groups have been asked not to donate supplies from their labs at this time. Caltech's Infectious Disease Task Group has surveyed PPE from campus labs to ensure our response team has enough supplies to care and support ill students, should it be needed, and to prepare for a return to campus.


Since the Institute's announcement that it would transition to online teaching for the spring term due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many members of the Caltech community have asked how they can help our students most affected by this crisis. You can have significant, direct impact. Learn more.


Across disciplines, Caltech scientists and engineers have mobilized rapidly to retool their work in the face of the current pandemic. These new initiatives span a continuum from basic science to diagnostics, tracking, therapeutics, and vaccines—all with the goals of fighting COVID-19 and preparing society to address future pandemics. Learn more.